Training on Dutch employment law

For HR Managers and directors of companies that are considering to establish a branch office in The Netherlands we offer a training on Dutch employment law. Our training can also be useful for directors of companies that already have a Dutch branch, but need a better understanding of Dutch employment law and the obligations an employer has towards its employees.

Depending on the situation of your company, we can adjust our training to match your specific needs.

Our basic course will provide you with a general understanding of how Dutch employment law is structured and what the specifics of Dutch employment law encompass. After attending this course you will have a fair idea of legislation and rules that you may be confronted with once you employ employees in The Netherlands. You will know more about the possibilities and pitfalls of the Dutch law system.

If you have already an HR background, but need to have a Dutch perspective on HR, a 2-day course will provide you with a basic knowledge level for HR needs in The Netherlands. The course will enable you to determine whether situations require immediate attention. You will also know which options you have to solve specific situations. Furthermore, you will know what basic provisions you need to set up before starting the employment of employees in The Netherlands.


The main topics that will normally be addressed for practical application are set out below. The training will be fine-tuned to the specific needs of your field of operation.

  • Framework of Dutch employment contract structure; what are the requirements for a valid contract? What elements should a contract contain? What can be arranged, excluded, included in a contract?
  • Hiring employees, contracts of employment; how to build in flexibility in contracts of employment: when will you use a fixed, indefinite term,or on-call contract? Should we include probisions about sick pay, holiday entitlement and other contractual benefits? How to use restrictive covenants?
  • How do you employ foreigners in the Netherlands? General idea of work permit, visa and tax requirements. This is not always necessary for you to know; if you intend to employ residents of The Netherlands only.
  • Identification of salary range: what are the costs of an employee? Salary, benefits, contributions, tax levels will be discussed.
  • How to behave as an employer in The Netherlands? Day to day practice: sickness of employees and absence, evaluations, warnings and performance issues, work instructions, working time, equal treatment on the work floor etc.
  • How to terminate the employment in the Netherlands: reasons, proceedings, costs? What ways of terminating employment exist? How do collective dismissals differ from individual terminations? How do I calculate severance pay?
  • How does employee representation under Dutch law work? When do I need to institute a works council? What are their powers? When do I have to consult with the works council? When do the unions play a role?

The employment law course is led by a senior employment lawyer with extensive experience with international clients, who is linked to various training institutes for lawyers, where she teaches among other about special clauses in employment contracts. Seminars  can be organised in-house, in our offices or in the form of an interactive webinar.

During the course you will receive a reader that contains the documentation of the course, that you can use as a guideline and a practical tool to look specific topics up that have been addressed during the course. The reader also contains various standard models that will be discussed during the training.


As an indication: a 2-day training at our offices for 2 persons, including training material and lunch is offered for EUR 6,750 excluding VAT. Less or more extensive courses can be arranged for.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.


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