Labour and Employment Law

Our employment lawyers advise clients on all aspects of employment law. They deal with cases that are of an entirely employment law nature, as well as employment-related issues forming part of larger transactions. The lawyers of our law firm work on contentious as well as non-contentious issues.

The services of the Labour and Employment Law Practice Group include:

  • employment agreements and general employment conditions
  • collective and individual employment law disputes
  • application of Collective Labour Agreements (CLA’s)
  • flexible employment relations
  • reorganisations, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
  • non compete issues
  • collective dismissal/mass layoff, social plans, strikes
  • right of participation/co-determination for employees
  • assistance in drafting of compensation packages, both collective and individual
  • assistance in drafting personnel guides and codes of conduct
  • obligations for the employer during illness of the employee
  • all matters relating to leaves of absence
  • impatriation and expatriation of employees
  • equity based compensation e.g. share purchase arrangements
  • particularities of employment contracts of expats

Further information

For additional information please feel free to contact our Labour and Emplyment Practice Group contact person. Your comments and questions are always welcome.


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