Debt collection in The Netherlands

Kernkamp Advocaten offers professional debt collection services for any size commercial debts in The Netherlands. The firm has ample experience in collecting outstanding debts for our international client base and is committed to pursue debtors in The Netherlands quickly and efficiently to ensure a maximum return at a minimum cost.

Why use a Netherlands Law Firm?

It's a fact that both consumers and companies experiencing financial difficulties will normally prioritise their creditors for payment. This suggests those creditors who demonstrate the seriousness of continued non-payment are most likely to be paid first.

The use of a local Dutch Law Firm is an excellent way of demonstrating the seriousness with which you will pursue continued non-payment of an account. We can take them to court in their own jurisdiction, and the debtor knows it. Making use of our services is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of prioritising an account for payment and recovering bad debt.

What we do to recover your debts

Before starting the collection procedure, we will check the information supplied. Normally, we only require the identity of the debtor and details of the debt (for example, copy invoices) in order to initiate recovery.

Assuming that the information is sufficient to enable us to proceed, We obtain payment of your overdue accounts using an established combination of letters, faxes, emails and telephone calls each aimed at bringing about the early settlement of your account. Where appropriate, we will agree to a payment scheme with the debtor and monitor the fulfillment of this scheme. In such case you will receive regular quarterly updates on the debt recovert. Most assignments are completed at this stage without further litigation.

Should these initial steps fail to result in payment of the claim, we will, with your prior consent, take appropriate legal action, and initiate legal proceedings.

No cure, no fee

Our no cure, no fee structure is transparent. If and when our intervention is succesful, we will charge the following scale fee:

Upto EUR 3 000: 20%
EUR 3 001 upto EUR 6 000: 15%
EUR 6 001 upto EUR 15 000: 10%
EUR 15 001 upto EUR 60 000: 8%
EUR 60 001 and upwards: 5%

These scale fees relate to undefended cases. Where a case is defended or contentious, or requires additional input, such as settlement negotiations, our fees will be calculated in accordance with time spent in dealing with the case, or in an alternative manner, to be discussed beforehand with you after it has become apparent that the opposing party raises defences.


The above costs are exclusive of VAT.


For each debt recovery (cure or no cure), we will charge the actual disbursements made with your prior consent, like bailiff's fees and court charges. We reserve the right to request a retainer to guarantee the firms disbursements before initiating proceedings.

Cost effective service

In as far as is possible we will also collect interest, legal penalties and charges from the debtor, in order to ensure that successful debt collection is a cost effective or even beneficial exercise for the client.

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