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Welcome to the website of Kernkamp Advocaten, a Dutch law firm based in Rotterdam. If you are searching for legal assistance in The Netherlands, then Kernkamp Advocaten could be the law firm that you are looking for.

Why Kernkamp Advocaten?

We don’t have a problem, we have Kernkamp.

This straightforward quote from one of our clients, summarises our mission. Our mission is to quickly identify and resolve problems to the client’s satisfaction.

Our firm’s lawyers are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. We find it important that new clients feel as confident in us as our existing clients. Lines of communication should be short. We feel it should be possible to contact the right lawyer for your case directly. Therefore, details of our contact person for each of our practice groups can be found on every page of this website.

We prefer to grease the engine, rather than throwing a spanner in the works. In other words, we actively work towards a solution, not creating more problems. If we cannot help you, then we tell it to you straight. If we think it is in your best interests to refer you to another service provider, that is exactly what we will do. But if we believe we can add value, then we are here to advise and support you.

Our firm’s Legal Services

Our firm provides companies as well as individuals with a wide range of legal services. Our clients come from various sectors of industry including commodity traders, shipping companies, insurers and service providers.
We deal with international cases on a daily basis and we therefore understand the pressures and practicalities of international commerce.

Our internationally oriented practice has always placed a special emphasis on international business transactions and international litigation and arbitration. As a niche player, we handle international divorces for Dutch nationals living abroad and expatriates living in the Netherlands.

Languages fluently spoken by our lawyers include Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.

Contact one of our Lawyers

For general inquiries or immediate assistance by a Dutch lawyer, please contact one of our contact persons by phone or e-mail.

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